Elk near Sula Complex Fire, Montana — John McColgan

Living with Fire at Home and in the Landscape


WELCOME to Living-with-Fire.org

A portal to information and resource links to help you adapt to life with wildfire

I am a retired federal employee who spent 35 years managing fires and natural and cultural resources in national parks and on public lands. I know that we can’t stop the tidal wave of wildfires that are upon us, so I am dedicating my time to trying to help others adapt to life with wildfire.

The subject matter is diverse and there is a wealth of resources available on the Internet which can be time consuming to locate. I created this website to facilitate exploration and learning that ideally leads to collaborative action. I make no claims to completeness, authorship, ownership, or proprietary interest in the materials provided unless specifically indicated. Most of the information is already available through an Internet search.

The original website was created to support a course I instructed in 2020 with Mary Kwart, a retired federal fire management specialist. I want to thank Mary for her contributions to the original site and for allowing me to retain some of her materials.

I want to thank Walter Sydoriak for designing, developing, and maintaining the website. I could not have created this tool without him.

Charisse Sydoriak, January 9, 2022

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Recommended Reading and Web Links (all subjects)

Fire-Reluctant Landscaping Best Practices –March 2023

Class 1: Principles

Class 2: Solutions

Class 3: Resources

Fire Dynamics — Why do fires burn the way they do?

The physics of combustion

Factors that influence fire weather and behavior

The effects of climate change 

Wildfire Statistics

Western states wildfire statistics

California and Oregon wildfire statistics

Rogue Basin wildfire statistics

Protecting Your Home and Yard

Home Combustion Process

Real Property Vulnerabilities & Risk Reduction

Home Ignition Zones (aka Defensible Space)

Fire-Resistant Homes (aka Home Hardening)

Fire-Reluctant Landscaping

Fire Adapted Community

Neighborhood Vulnerabilities & Risk Reduction

Vulnerable Populations

Disaster Preparedness

Evacuation Preparedness

Insurance coverage


Smoke impacts on air quality

Humanity’s changing relationship with wildfire and its consequences

Native American relationships with fire

Fire as a resources management tool by modern Americans

Using Prescribed Fire on Private Property

The War on Wildfire and its Consequences

Local Stories and Issues

Ashland Specific

2020 Almeda Fire 

Federal Lands Policy and the Wildfire Paradox

The Wildfire Paradox

The War on Wildfire and its Consequences

Wilderness fires

Reading materials


Incident Management

Firefighter Health and Safety

Fire fighting myths

Environmental impacts of suppression

Fire Ecology

Introduction to fire ecology principles

Fire dependent ecosystem in the western United States

Rogue Basin fire history / regimes

Fire Research and Science Links