OLLI Living with Fire at Home and in the Landscape, Spring 2021

Elk near Sula Complex Fire, Montana
John McColgan

OLLI Living with Fire at Home and in the Landscape, Spring 2021

Co-hosted by Charisse Sydoriak and Mary Kwart
Class reference materials

Session 0: Course Introduction


Class Materials

Session 1: Why do fires burn the way they do?, 4/5

Upcoming Webinars

2020 Fire Season Statistics 

The 2020 Almeda Fire 

Fire Dynamics

Class Materials

Session 2: How to Assess Wildfire Risk​, 4/12

Events This Week

Risk Assessment

Vulnerable Populations

Session 3: How to Reduce Wildfire Risks on your Property, 4/19

Events This Week

Introduction to Risk Reduction


Defensible Space 

Firewise Landscaping 

Class Materials


Session 4: How to Prepare for a Worst-case Wildfire Scenario, 4/26

Events This Week

Fire Traditions, Narratives, and Myths

Catastrophic Wildfires

Disaster Preparedness

Air Quality Smoke Impacts


Insurance coverage

Class Materials


Session 5: Living with Wildfire — What it Means to be a Fire-adapted Community, 5/3

Events This Week

Communications Theory

Fire-Adapted Communities

Firefighting Realities

Local Fire History

Fire as a Resource Management Tool

Class Materials

Session 6: The Wildfire Paradox, 5/10

Events This Week and Beyond

Wildfire Paradox

Impacts of Climate Change

Fire Ecology

Indigenous Use of Fire

Class Materials

Additional Resources

Fire Research / Science Newsletter Links

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